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Countering the Anti-Public Service Agenda- Document by Martin O’Grady

May 8, 2010 1 comment

Martin O’Grady, lecturer at Institute of Technology, Tralee, has provided an extensive and detailed resource document for members of public service trade unions and supporters of good public service provision.

The document is an invaluable resource when countering misleading sound-bites and analyses as well as genuine misunderstandings in relation to public service provision, taxation and public service pay.

Martin is chair of the Co Kerry branch of National Public Service Alliance.

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Extract From Preface
“In tandem with the economic crash precipitated by an out-of-control
banking system in Ireland and abroad, the years 2009 and 2010 witnessed an
unprecedented government-led media assault on the incomes, conditions of
service and status of public servants in Ireland. This ideologically-motivated
assault was facilitated by the club of trade union General Secretaries and the
ICTU leadership, which had been captured by government ideology, leaving
public servants, despite their overwhelming membership of trade unions,
without leadership or protection. The attack on public servants was preceded
and accompanied by a virulent propaganda campaign portraying the public
services in Ireland as excessively large and expensive, staffed by a lazy,
obstructive workforce that had excessively feathered its nest in the good times
and which was now paid much more than the country could afford and much
more than equivalent workers in the private sector.