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TUI Success in Resisting 3rd level Outsourcing in WIT: As reported in “The Phoenix”

TUI was able to reverse this development in WIT.
TUI at WIT and at DIT successfully resisted outsourcing of musical instrument teaching some years ago
The key point is that TUI would not be able to resist such initiatives under Croke Park Deal.

Outsourcing from Phoenix

Shortly afterwards, the TUI put its foot down. Angered already at the failure, as promised, to consult on new cost-cutting or other measures and outraged at Martin’s dual role, they refused to co-operate with WEA and demanded that the English language courses be brought back into WIT. There was even a threat to picket the WEA by TUI members. The college authorities quickly folded and after this academic year has been completed, all Saudi English language students will be taught at WIT by college staff.

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