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Strike threat lifted after Croke Park deal ratified (via Ninth Level Ireland)

The only sure event on the horizon is the publication of the Hunt report.

Strike threat lifted after Croke Park deal ratified "… The Teachers Union of Ireland and Irish Federation of University Teachers, who voted against the deal, have not accepted the decision. But neither has threatened immediate industrial action and they are not expected to withdraw from the committee. They are unlikely to take action unless the Government unveils plans for a revamp of teaching contracts …" (more) [Anne-Marie Walsh, Independent, 16 June] … Read More

via Ninth Level Ireland

Union rights legislation review on hold, Irish Times, May 15th

MOVES BY the Government to review legislation governing trade union representation rights and to ban victimisation against those joining trade unions appear to have been put on hold.

The measures were key provisions of the social partnership deal agreed between the Government, employers and trade unions in September 2008.” (Full article)

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ICTU Agrees that 600million euro be taken from Public Service Pensioners over next 4 years

Union leaders, through “clarification” have now opened the way to the devastation of Public Service Pensions over the next 4 years as many experienced commentators predict hyper inflation in the Euro-Zone

Sunday Business Post to-day quotes informed sources as saying that the change contained in the clarification will save the exchequer 600 million Euro over the next 4 years.This is 600 million to be taken out of the pockets of public service pensioners.

I call on Jack O’Connor and Peter McLoone to call an immediate meeting of the Public Services Committee of ICTU and to recommend immediate withdrawal from the Croke Park Agreement.

No person, including the proverbial seller of an ass at a fair would be fooled, by the tissue of deception set out in the “clarification”. The pension section of the clarification means that there will be no increase in public sector pensions in the next 4 years even if inflation takes off. This is much worse than the indexation to consumer price index indicated in the original Proposals. Since The original Proposals include a pay freeze for the next 4 years, the practice of equal pension increases to the pay increases of serving peer would not have applied in any event. The clarification means that public servants will not even get the indexation to the consumer price index which is common in private sector pensions!!!