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Stand up to EU/IMF—Sen. David Norris

December 5, 2010 Leave a comment

The necessity to reject the usurious and impoverishing EU/IMF deal is gaining wider support. Trinity senator,David Norris attempted to read out the list of bondholders at Anglo-Irish bank in the Seanad but was interrupted by the Ceann-Comhairle. In the Sunday Independent, Dec 5, Senator Norris Explained:
“What I was doing in trying to put the list out is to show that they are German, French, Italian and British banks. So naturally they [the EU and IMF] are going to lend us money, so we can pay them. They’re going to screw us by extracting the money from the people.”
Mr Norris was scathing in his remarks on the €85bn deal the Government struck last week with the EU and IMF.
On this, he said: “These people in the ECB and in Europe know it’s wrong. Angela Merkel knows it’s wrong. But they’re only going to change the rules when they have screwed us.
“Nobody else will get screwed because nobody else will put up with it. My view always was: ‘You want to put it up to us? We’ll pull the plug. We’ll bring the whole bloody thing [the EU] down, unless you give us this money to pay yourselves at zero interest or one per cent.’ Six per cent is ridiculous. I mean, not only are they treating us like a money-laundering outfit for people who at the very least are stupid and greedy, ordinary Irish people, who haven’t done anything wrong, will have to pay for it.” See full list of Anglo-Irish Bondholders by clicking on this address

Resist Cuts in Public Service Pensions-Meeting Tuesday Next

November 28, 2010 Leave a comment

A presentation on proposed cuts in Public Service Pensions will be made at National Public Service Alliance meeting to be held in Teachers Club, Parnell Square, Dublin at 8pm on Tuesday next November 30
All serving and retired public servants are welcome to attend
The presenter has considerable expertise and experience.
In addition to the direct cuts proposed in the Four Year Plan, the effect of the phasing out of Age exemption and age related tax allowance will be explored. Detailed tables will be presented
As legislation is necessary,a series of activities will be considered to bring home to Dail deputies the unfairness of this selective tax.