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With new Right-wing Government in Dublin and Brexit ahead, How Should Irish socialists and republicans throughout the 32-counties Re-organise? Join the Discussion NOW!!!

Statements by People Before Profit, Independent Left an RISE are carried below https://wp.me/pKzXa-1FB

How should Socialists and Republicans throughout the 32-counties Respond to New Government  and the effects of Brexit in the coming Months?  How should we re-organise? Let the Discussion begin!   

The new FF/FG/GN Government in Dublin does not propose to put a penny tax on the assets of the incredibly wealthy Irish Super-Rich. On the other hand citizens generally will be forced to pay increased tax on petrol, diesel, home heating oil etc. Spending on public health services, social housing and caring services generally will continue to be grossly inadequate. Given the composition of the government , when additional borrowings arsing from Covid crisis come to be repaid, the imposition of a new set of austerity measures is inevitable. The extreme right-wing form of Brexit being prepared by the British Tories will lead to further burdens being imposed on the workers of both these islands. When Brexit is completed , Britain will be in a position to impose tariffs on 26-county exports and to import cheap sub-standard meat and other foods from low cost countries. Communities on both sides of the Irish border may be badly affected new customs arrangements

Large capitalist powers such as the US, Germany, France and others are preparing to reduce the amount of multi-national profits realised in the 26-counties by imposing sales taxes on drugs and digital products and services imported into their own markets. The new government will ensure that this will not cost the Irish super-rich a penny in extra taxes and workers will be hit again with cuts or extra taxes or both!

Workers in the six counties will be at the tender mercies of extreme Tories in London. The 26-county state has negligible sovereignty given the gross over dependence on Multi-national companies on the one hand and continued membership of an EU which is increasingly behaving like an imperialist super-power with associated military spending, on the other.  

I wish to open a wide but urgent discussion on the way forward for socialists and republicans.

Please respond.

Paddy Healy          paddy.healy@gmail.com


People Before Profit

Let’s Bring The Left Together To Fight This Government

 The new government of Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and the Green Party is a huge disappointment for the many people who vote for change. The two right wing parties got only 43% of the vote but now they dominate the cabinet. Many voters wanted to break the cycle where they ran both government and the opposition.

The new government will attempt to put on a vaguely progressive mask but few will be fooled. Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael have a long record of looking after the privileged and the Greens will be used as a mudguard to cover their tracks. It should be remembered that the new Taoiseach, Mícheál Martin sat in a government that landed the people of Ireland with a €64 billion debt – which we are still paying off.

This coalition want to lock themselves into office for four and a half years – so that they have space to take unpopular measures. They will soon mount an attack on the Covid payments for workers and the unemployed. They will do little to protect construction workers who have just witnessed a High Court judge removing their legal protections. They will go back to a two-tier health system – and pay huge sums to the private hospitals. They will not impose rent controls or build enough council housing. In short, they will be an anti-working class government.

But they will have significant weaknesses. They do not have a  big enough support base  in Irish society to carry through unpopular attacks. They can be driven from office by mass mobilisations on the streets.

The coming together of Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael will also re-shape Irish politics on left-right lines.  As these battle-lines are drawn, we urge those members of the Greens who voted against coalition to leave that party now. Nobody with an ounce of left-wing ideas should play any part in supporting or excusing this dreadful government.

We need a left that will work with Sinn Féin but also offer a different, stronger politics. While Sinn Féin won considerable support from working people, they have a poor record on climate justice and actively supporting militant workers’ struggles. Their embrace of neoliberal policies in the North  stands in contrast with their rhetoric in the South. They have not ruled out the possibility of being in a coalition with Fianna Fáil or Fine Gael in the future.

This is why People Before Profit are reaching out to left wing activists from different backgrounds to invite discussions on how we can build a big, broad radical left party or co-operate with each other more closely.

In any such discussion, People Before Profit advocate for a number of key issues;

  • That the modern Irish left needs to operate on a 32 county basis, standing in the tradition of  James Connolly in advocating an end to partition through building a radical new Ireland.
  • That we should support grassroots workers in their struggles to build strong fighting unions that break from social partnership.
  • That the mobilisation of people power is the surest way to effect change.
  • That the left must be strongly identified with fighting racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia.
  • That system change must be our guiding motto in saving our planet from climate chaos.


From Independent Left, a timely response to the call for left unity from PBP.

Socialists and left unity in Ireland 2020

To members of People Before Profit,

We commend your initiative, ‘let’s bring the left together to fight this government’.

We commend your initiative, ‘let’s bring the left together to fight this government’.

Although the formation of a conservative government is a threat to working class communities, it is a threat that we can meet.

The fact that Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael have been obliged to come together is historic. For decades, the main voice of opposition to whichever of these parties has led a government was the other party. And as we are all well aware, this was no real opposition at all. Discontent was carefully channelled down pathways that were safe for the Irish elite. Now, however, there is an opportunity to escape into entirely new and radical ways of thinking about the world and to popularise socialist answers to a massive, global crisis.

Sinn Féin will be the largest voice of opposition. This is a significant step forward compared to the old Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael posturing. And because Sinn Féin connect to the same working class communities that we do, there will be plenty of opportunity to both work with them, but also alert our class to the limitations of that party and offer a much more fundamental, revolutionary, change than does Sinn Féin.

When the crisis of 2008 hit, we were not well placed to resist the ‘shock and awe’ policies that saddled Ireland with enormous debt and cowed the trade unions with the scale of cuts that both Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil agreed were necessary to save the Irish ‘economy’ (the wealth of the Irish elite).

The crisis of 2020 and 2021 will be worse, economically. But this time there is a very different mood in the country. One where people will question the government’s priorities and loyalty to an elite who have grown enormously wealthy over the past ten years. Young people, especially, have been emboldened by referendum victories.

A coherent socialist vision for a world in which the wealth is taken off the rich and large businesses to solve the needs of housing and healthcare is going to be crucial. A vision which can assist movements take off at the speed of the Black Lives Matter protests and amplify them when they do happen. Not just on the streets, as you point to, but also with the return of the mass strike: the most powerful form of protest we have.

The role of socialists within these movements must be democratic and open. We can learn from and be led by these new movements. Our spirit should be in keeping with the disability rights slogan of the 80s: “nothing about us without us”.

This vision, as you rightly say, has to be identified with, ‘fighting racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia.’ Of course, too, socialists should be proudly identified with the campaigns of those with disabilities for equal access and equal opportunity and with the need to help farmers make the transition from a cruel and unhealthy livestock industry to a climate and animal-friendly one. We should demand that public services such as health are taken into full state control, as we have seen the possibilities of doing this during the COVID-19 crisis. We should fight for public housing on public land. We must resist cuts to youth and community services.

The endless growth required by a capitalist society cannot deliver us the technology we need to create a sustainable planet faster than it makes our planet uninhabitable. A society that prioritises money over welfare cannot be green.

With these goals in mind, we look forward to working with you and creating a fruitful conversation that does indeed bring the left together.

The members of Independent Left

—————————————————————————————–Extract from Letter from RISE to Green Dissidents


After Labour went into coalition in 2011, there were those within the Party who hoped that by staying within it they could mitigate the worst of the mistakes of their leadership. They didn’t. Instead, they were largely tarred by association with the hated policies of that government. It will be the same with the Greens. Participating in social movements will be difficult to square with membership of a government party. You should get out now!

The alternative

Above all, we need your involvement in social movements which will drive change. In the coming months and years we will need to work together to build movements for climate justice, housing action, and a National Health Service. Even with a right-wing government in power, we can win victories.

Left-wing activists who oppose coalition with Fianna Fáil or Fine Gael and leave the Green Party can play a crucial role in building a broad party of the anti-capitalist and eco-socialist left. From our perspective in RISE, these movements would be tremendously strengthened with a broad party of the left, encompassing all who share a commitment to people-power movements to drive change and oppose austerity, oppression, and coalition with the establishment parties.

Such a broad party should facilitate different caucuses or networks within it, as for example the Democratic Socialists of America does. There would therefore be space in such a party for all of the existing groups and independents of the principled left to join and be active within it. RISE would advocate for revolutionary eco-socialist ideas within such a party.

The truth, as we all know, is that the left is currently a fractured landscape. So what, concretely, can left activists who break from the Green Party do to most effectively contribute to building that broad left party? Within that landscape, People Before Profit is the highest profile organisation on the left by a significant distance.

Since our founding, RISE has worked very productively and collaboratively with PBP. We therefore appeal for left-wing Greens to enter organised discussions with People Before Profit and RISE, and any others interested, about taking joint steps towards such a broad left party. This could represent a qualitative step forward towards the construction of a mass left party, and strengthen our ability to build movements for eco-socialist change in every workplace and community.

We are eager to discuss further with Green activists. Please contact us at risesocialists@gmail.com.

Yours fraternally,

RISE members


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