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British Terrorism in Ireland

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Did Margaret Thatcher Sanction the Murder of Solicitor Pat Finucane??

Full Judicial Inquiry Needed Now!

By Seamus De BÚrca,   Oct 26, 2019,  Village Magazine

Introduction: Margaret Thatcher and the cold blooded murder of an Irish lawyer.

On 12 February, 1989, the UDA assassinated Patrick Finucane, a highly regarded Belfast solicitor, at his North Belfast home. Finucane, who was 38-years-old, was shot 14 times by two masked UDA gunmen who sledgehammered their way into his house. His wife Geraldine was also injured during the attack which took place while the couple was enjoying a meal with their young family.

Prime Suspect Margaret Thatcher: she sank the Belgrano and permitted RUC and SAS shoot-to-kill operations in Northern Ireland and covered up the shooting of an acknowledged – yet unarmed – IRA unit in Gibraltar. She is now the prime suspect in the murder of Patrick Finucane.

In 2019 the Supreme Court in London ruled that the British Government had failed to investigate the murder properly. The only tenable reason for this is because the murder was organised by MI5, the intelligence service attached to the Home Office.

A retired Canadian judge, Peter Cory, investigated the murder on behalf of the British State. During his inquiry MI5 officers broke into his office and stole some of the evidence he had accumulated.

Cory also told Geraldine Finucane that he had seen a document relevant to her husband’s case which was marked  ‘for Cabinet eyes only’. Mrs. Finucane knows no more. This raises the distinct possibility that her husband’s case was discussed in Whitehall in sinister circumstances prior to the murder. These revelations formed part of BBC NI’s compelling seven part Spotlight  series,  ‘The Secret History of the Troubles’. They have been ignored by the mainstream British media.

Geraldine Finucane who was told by retired Canadian judge Peter Cory that papers relating to her husband Patrick were read at Cabinet level.  Was this before the shooting?  A full judicial inquiry is required to get to the bottom of the murder including this vital new revelation. For a start the inquiry should clarify when the file Cory described to Mrs. Finucane was created, what was in it and who read it. In particular, did Thatcher know about the MI5-FRU-UDA hit in advance?

Put simply, the finger of blame is now pointing at Margaret Thatcher. It now looks like she gave MI5 the green light to murder a perfectly respectable, law abiding lawyer. If Thatcher  and her circle did not order the murder, why are the Tory top brass so terrified of an inquiry?

MI5 was led by Sir Patrick Walker at the time the assassination was planned and executed. If MI5 was involved, it is inconceivable he did not call  the shots – literally.

When David Cameron was in 10 Downing Street he told the Finucane family that he could not order a public inquiry into the scandal. When Finucane’s brother Martin asked him why, he turned to Mrs Finucane and said: “Look, the last administration couldn’t deliver an inquiry in your husband’s case and neither can we”. According to Cameron this was because “there are people all around this place, [10 Downing Street], who won’t let it happen.” As he was saying this, he raised a finger and made a circular motion in the air.

David Cameron told the Finucane family he could not call an inquiry because of  forces more powerful than he. Was he really protecting Margaret Thatcher whom he admired greatly?

Theresa May, who was Cameron’s Home Secretary between 2010 and 2016, before she became PM, did not order a proper inquiry either.

Theresa May while British Home Secretary and in political control of MI5. Another admirer of Thatcher, she resisted an inquiry into the murder of Finucane too.

Now, only someone of integrity and ability such as Lord Saville, who led the successful Bloody Sunday Inquiry, is required to lead one into the Finucane murder. The opportunity and duty to do the right thing has passed to  Theresa May’s successor, Boris Johnson, and his Home Secretary, Priti Patel. Yet, will they prove every bit as corrupt as May and Cameron and continue the cover-up?

The evidence that continues to accumulate points to the probability that Finucane, a skilful lawyer, was targeted by the British State because he had mastered the intricacies of the Diplock Court system in NI and was representing his clients to the best of his very considerable abilities. In the mind of Thatcher and others in London, he had to have been a Provo and his death warrant was signed. The task of assassinating him was passed to Walker at MI5.

However, Finucane was not a Provo. On the contrary, he represented both Republicans and Loyalists. Moreover, he was married to a Protestant. Finucane was perfectly innocent of any involvement with the IRA although he was vilified as a member after his death.

Priti Patel, will she be the Home Secretary to finally order a full judicial inquiry into the murder of Patrick Finucane or the latest in a line of Tory politicians who believe it is perfectly acceptable to cover-up the murder of an Irish lawyer?

Insofar as the UDA was concerned, the kill-order was issued by Tommy ‘Tucker’ Lyttle, the UDA’s ‘brigadier’ or commander in West Belfast. Ian Hurst, who served with the Force Reconnaissance Unit (FRU) of the British Army, has stated “with cast iron certainty” that Lyttle was a British agent who was “handled” by the RUC’s Special Branch (RUCSB) using the codename “Rodney Stewart”.

Lyttle himself confirmed to an internal UDA inquiry that he had been a British agent, arguing that he had exploited the relationship to help the UDA.

The RUCSB served as MI5’s foot soldiers. Lyttle also told author Greg Harkin that his RUCSB ‘handler’ had asked him: “Why don’t you whack Finucane?”.

Boris Johnson, a notoriously shifty individual: he is unlikely in the extreme to risk Margaret Thatcher’s reputation and inflame the anger of members of the Tory Party by ordering an inquiry into the British State assassination of Patrick Finucane.

Village has uncovered fresh information that not only confirms Lyttle’s role as a British agent but places him at the heart of the MI5 and MI6 paedophile ‘honeytrap’ operation which swirled around Kincora Boys’ Home in Belfast in the 1970s. Lyttle was working for MI5 from the mid, if not early, 1970s.

The next three sections of this article will examine the sordid links between MI5 and the UDA, especially those involving Lyttle, before returning to the specifics of the murder of Finucane in Part Four. It will also examine aspects of collusion with the UVF.

[Regular Village  readers are asked to note that an earlier version of this story was published in February 2019 entitled ‘Her Majesty’s Hatchetman’.]


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