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Vote NO in INTO! Campaign Against Lansdowne Rd Agreement

National Public Service Alliance Against Lansdowne Rd Agreement    Convener: Paddy Healy   086-4183732 Email:paddy.healy@eircom.net




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In 1913 William Martin Murphy required employees of his tramway company to sign a “yellow document” –I am no longer a member of Larkin’s Union.  If they had done this ITGWU members would have been selectively sacked. They all refused to do it. Murphy responded with a total lock-out


In 2016, Department of Education is seeking that TUI members individually sign a document stating that they are members of TUI and therefore are entitled to pay increases under Lansdowne RD and Thereore are not due to be penalised under FEMPI. This will enable the Department to use FEMPI ANTI UNION LAW (So Described ON OFFICIAL TUI Banners at Leinster House Protest) to selectively punish ASTI members under FEMPI.


Also new entrants and non-union members can join TUI to avoid penalties


There must be a moratorium on all recruitment to unions at second level until the ASTI dispute is over. OTHERWISE TEACHER SOLIDARITY WILL BE SET BACK FOR DECADES!


Department Circular is included here;     http://www.asti.ie/news/latest-news/news-article/article/circular-on-application-of-fempi-for-asti-members/













Two pieces are carried below; VOTE NO Leaflet from INTO Activist and further down piece by Gregor Kerr, ChairDistrict 14

The Lansdowne Road Agreement (LRA).  Buyer Beware!    VOTE  NO!

The LRA is a classic case of smoke and mirrors! Those selling it are distortingthe meaning of  the word ‘restoration’ via a branding and repackagingoperation.

LRA Fact: The only LRAspecific salary scaleincreasewillnot be paid until September 2017!Depending on your tax rate this will be worth between €500 or €750net.The other increases claimed by LRA actually come from two othersources:

1) The AlreadyCommitted restoration of pay scale increments and payment for substitution/supervision as alreadyagreed in the Haddington Road Agreement  ( it is therefore dishonestto repackage  these as being somehow gained inthe LRA)

2) A reduction in the Pension Levy of  between E6.50 and E10.00 per week by end of 2016.

Consider 1: OfficialInflation amounted to a further loss of 10.7% over the period 2010-2013! A similar bout again would more than wipe out all LRA and HRA pay adjustments!! Consider 2: LRA says FEMPI  stays!…“the financial emergency deal legislation will continue..”

Is there an Alternative?The deal is presented to us(as always) on the spurious basis that there is no alternative but industrial action…. But…..

Why not let the Haddington Road Agreement run its course, allow the Croke Park/HRA extra hours to expire and negotiate an alternative agreement from next January with all those  hoping to be in government in 2016. With an election immanent we will thenbe in a far stronger bargaining position! Is it not premature &foolish to jump now at Labor’sbehest??

Can the Government source the money to fund full Pay Restoration?

  • The Government recently announced they are 2000million above target for tax collected 2015. The tiny LRA increases at E180million p.a. will amount to less than 0.033% of all taxes collected this year (E45Billion)!
  • Tough Enforcement of actual Corporation Tax rates, and a higher rate of tax for all income earned above 100,000E would yield billions more to State Revenues.
  • The richest 250 people in Ireland are worth a combined €75.03 billion, their wealth increased by 15.9% in the last year alone!!(Sunday Times) The union leaders could have insisted on a Wealth Tax, but evidently this would only upset our betters!
  • The Government paid E16 billion in the past two years on interest payments on ‘our’ debt. Ireland should play hardball and pay only the ECB Base Rate of 0.025% interest on any loans. This would save over E2000million a year! Our Coalition has agreed to pay all Ireland’s banking/speculation debts+interest back, saying its ‘affordable’!!

The TUI and the IMO have recommended NO in contrast to our compliant CEC.

Vote No to the LRA . Demand Full Restoration in line with actual INTO Policy.



We received this ‘Why I am voting No’ piece from Gregor Kerr, Chair District 14 INTO:-

“I’m voting No because I’m fed up of the lies and the spin. I’m fed up of the fact that all the cuts to pay and services that we have endured have been used to facilitate the paying off of the debts of international financial gamblers and have facilitated a massive transfer of wealth from us, from other public servants, from private sector workers and from the unemployed to the super-wealthy.

I’m voting No because through successive deals the trade union movement have accepted government policy which has targeted our incomes yet refused to introduce a wealth tax and led to a situation where the super-wealthy are now richer than they were at the height of the boom.

Put simply, those who caused the “financial crisis” have gained from it while the rest of us have seen our incomes and the services we work in and depend on slashed.

*The latest figures from the ‘Sunday Times’ Rich List (published on 25th April 2015) show that the richest 250 people in Ireland are worth a combined €75.03 billion and have seen their wealth increase by 15.9 per cent in the last year alone

*Recent controversies relating to IBRC (the former Anglo Irish Bank) and the manner in which huge debts owed to it (and therefore to the Irish taxpayer) were written off show that the super wealthy are treated very differently to the rest of us

*In 2012 the top 5% of income recipients (108,250 individuals) had a total income of over €20 Billion – an average of €189,000. The top 10,000 had an average income of €595,000

*Central Statistics Office figures show that when all taxes, including VAT and excise is taken into account the poorest 10% pay the highest proportion of their income in tax

Economically, Irish society now is now more unequal than it was even at the height of the boom. By agreeing this deal and by putting it to us with a recommendation to accept, our union leadership is giving its stamp of approval to the economic policies that have underpinned this. They are also accepting that the amount of money on offer is the best that can be got in terms of pay restoration.

*They could have insisted on the introduction of a wealth tax – they didn’t.
*They could have insisted that the incomes of those with most be taxed at a higher rate – they didn’t.

Instead they accepted that public servants who pay tax at the 20% rate should be content with approx €6 a week after tax from January, another €4 per week from September 2016 and another €10 per week from September 2017 – and no chance of anything else until at least September 2018.
For those who pay tax at the higher rate those figures are €4 per week, then €2.50 per week, and finally €6.50 per week.

Compared to the amount that we have lost over the past number of years these figures are insulting and derisory. Indeed, given projected growth figures for the economy, these amounts will probably be less than inflation. In that context how can the word ‘restoration’ even be applied to them?

Not alone that but the deal signs us up to
*ongoing co-operation with the government’s ‘reform agenda’ including ‘Curricular Reform’ (Section 3.2)
*acceptance that the FEMPI legislation (which allows the government to unilaterally cut our pay) will, while amended, stay on the statute books
*another two years at least of the dreaded Croke Park hours
* that we can’t fight any of the cuts to services that have happened in recent years – the government’s ‘change and reform agenda’ to which we will be signing up won’t include improvements to the service but we will be signing up to “no cost-increasing claims for improvements in ….. conditions….” and agreeing that “…strikes or other forms of industrial action by trade unions, employees or employers are precluded…”

Why don’t we let the Haddington Road Agreement run its course and seek an alternative agreement with whoever is in government in June 2016? No more Croke Park hours, No more FEMPI, restoration of pay cuts and end of the pension levy, end to the 2-tier payscale, a restoration of some degree of economic equality…… None adequately dealt with in this deal ….

I’m voting No to retain some degree of self-respect as a union member.”

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  1. June 19, 2015 at 4:03 pm

    It’s a shockingly dismal deal more years with no disposable income an insult to every public servant. The unions recommending this deal what planet are they on? They should hang their head in shame to the damage they have done to ps standard of living which has been destroyed. When will we get fairness?

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