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Sinn Féin’s 32-county Organisation wouldn’t Survive Coalition in Dublin

Taoiseach rules out future FG coalition with Sinn Féin-RTE

In a statement issued today, Mr Kenny said: “The Fine Gael Party position is, has been and will remain, not to enter into coalition government with Sinn Fèin.


As I have said previously:  The Sinn Féin pre-budget submission was in the framework of the Fiscal Treaty which sets aside economic sovereignty and “flies in the face of the 1916 Proclamation”(Caoimhín Ó Caoláin SF in Dáil)

How is it that no matter how much Sinn Féin grovels, the Free State Parties are determined to keep them out of government until the Free State Parties have no other choice?

Currently, the most rebellious and politically knowledgeable section of the Irish Population is northern nationalism after the experience a 30 year war. This is the cornerstone of SF support. Despite the wishes of the Sinn Féin leadership participating in a coalition government , northern nationalists could destabilise a Free State administration initially an ultimately the Free State apparatus itself .What self respecting Free State Capitalist would want that?


“Under no circumstances can we leave governance in the sole possession of FF/FG. That has been the story since partition.”ML McDonald
I have heard Sean McBride, Brendan Corish, Proinsias de Rossa, Eamonn Gilmore make similar arguments
Read Gerry Adams interview in the lead up to the formation of current 26-Co Govt (below)
Coalition with Unionists is administering British Rule (and Cuts) In Ireland. Coalition with any of FF,FG.Lab in Dublin is administering EU(Franco-German) Rule (and CUTS) in the 26 Counties.
Remember “Fiscal Treaty flies in the face of the 1916 Proclamation” Caoimhín Ó Caolain(Sinn Féin) Dáil Record

Mary Lou McDonald Replies to Tom Stokes on Facebook re Coalition in Dublin

“Under no circumstances can we leave governance in the sole possession of FF/FG. That has been the story since partition.”

Tom Stokes – Why? Why would anybody in Sinn Féin even countenance<meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”0; URL=/tom.stokes.338/posts/10154954704238320?comment_id=10154959572853320&_fb_noscript=1″ /> , let alone voice the prospect of being a junior partner in a coalition led by a counter-revolutionary party of either stripe, at a time when the counter-revolutionary hegemony is finally starting to weaken?

Mary Lou McDonald Tom I suggest you read the IT article more carefully and that you listen to the Podcast. You have strong views on the way forward which is good. SF members must discuss and debate SF in government. That is the position. Under no circumstances can we leave governance in the sole possession of FF/FG. That has been the story since partition. SF members will decide the SF course of action in the best interests of those we represent and of Ireland. Sin é. The more over the top commentaries and personal invective on your timeline I’m sure are not reflective of your personal position. Tog go bog é.

McDonald open to Sinn Féin being junior coalition partner-Irish Times

Gerry Adams had already made it clear that he was open to Sinn Féin  being a minority partner in Government during the period between the general election and the formation of the current government in Dublin(Further down)

Fiach Kelly:  Thursday, January 26, 2017, 01:00

Sinn Féin’s Mary Lou McDonald has raised the prospect that Sinn Féin could take part in the next coalition government as the junior partner, saying she wants the party to be in power.

The move by the Dublin Central TD is significant, since it marks a shift from the previous Sinn Féin position that it would only take office if it was the dominant party.

However, the deputy leader, widely tipped to succeed Gerry Adams as party president, said Sinn Féin must have a “conversation” before the next election about taking up the secondary role.

The option of taking up as the smaller party in a coalition would, she said, be considered in Sinn Féin’s ongoing review of strategy for the next decade.

Speaking on The Irish Times Inside Politics podcast, Ms McDonald also said anyone entering government must be pragmatic about difficult decisions that must be made.

Sinn Féin’s problem with the difficult decisions taken by successive governments in the Republic, she said, is that the “tough decision is always the decision that hurts the little guy”.

“Why can’t we make some tough decisions that reach up into the upper echelons of society?”

Sold out

She defended Sinn Féin’s past declarations that it would enter power only as the major force in a coalition.

“People are understandably anxious when they look at the experience of other political parties that have gone into coalition and have either, in the minds of some, ‘sold out’ or left their politics outside the cabinet meeting room or have just not measured up or not performed,” she said. “We are not in the business of doing any of those things.”

The “ideal scenario” for the party is to hold the larger number of seats in a coalition, Ms McDonald said. Asked if she would consider entering power as a junior partner, she said: “You are right. That is a conversation that we need to be having between now and the next election.

“I want us to be in government, I believe we will be in government in the South. We won’t be in government for the sake of it. It won’t be personal careerism or for the cheap thrill of headlines or the history-making moments of it.

“We can only go into government when we are confident that we are in a position to deliver. And how will we know that we’re delivering? I’ll know very quickly when I go back into my home area. We have to live up to expectations that would be there.”

Gerry Adams Omits Requirement That Sinn Féin be the Majority Party in RTE Interview on Government Formation in Dublin

Extract from interview with Gerry Adams on “The Week in Politics” 24/04/2016″Would we talk to them(FF and Fine Gael)? The answer to that question is ‘yes’,””If in the course of all of that, although it would be very, very challenging, we came up with a Programme for Government which did the business as far as we were concerned, our leadership would consider that and yes, if we thought that was an advance and would help to deal with these issues we have just talked about, including in the centenary year the issue of Irish unity, of course we would have to bring that back to an ard fheis.”

Full Interview   http://www.rte.ie/news/2016/0424/783870-government-talks/

Listen to What Gerry Adams actually said on RTE:The Week in Politics (from 2 minutes in to 6 minutes in)

Click on linkRTE NEWS:Sinn Féin open to talking to FG and FF – Adams


Paddy HealyThe “buts” and the omissions are the most important

He did not say that there are no circumstances in which SF would enter coalition with FF or FG
He said “it is MY view that it would not be in the national interest to return FF or Fg to government BUT there are these crises in people’s lives…”

Aine Lalor was mistaken when she said “your last Ard Fheis ruled out coalition with FF or FG”

It didn’t. It ruled out a coalition in which FF or FG would be the MAJORITY PARTY. Gerry Adams did not correct the interviewer’s statement (That would have raised the requirement for a Sinn Féin Majority in Government)

I had been saying since the election that we should wait until after the assembly elections to discover the full SF position—-Paddy Healy

Coalition in Dublin and 32-county Organisation of Sinn Féin are Incompatible!

No party which has entered government in Dublin has remained organised on an all-Ireland basis. Will Sinn Féin be different?

Already the pressures on Sinn Féin as a result of being a 32-county party in a partitioned Ireland are becoming evident. In Northern Ireland, Sinn Féin has vetoed Tory welfare cuts. This has led to reductions in the British financial subvention and increased tensions within the Stormont executive. Supporters of the party will say that this would have happened in any event. However, it is a fact that it would be seriously damaging to Sinn Féin in the Republic if it had supported such cuts. In addition, it would appear strange to northern nationalists if Sinn Féin were imposing cuts in Belfast while fulminating against such cuts in Dublin.

Partition is the institutional mechanism through which capitalism has maintained its rule in Ireland. It was necessary to defeat the widespread social and political revolt which occurred in the 1918-1923 period. (for example, the second “Clonmel Soviet”-red flag creamery was smashed by the advancing British armed Free State Army!!) It has been used to contain all national and social revolts thereafter.

Any party or movement which seriously threatens capitalist interests in Ireland will come up against the partition settlement in one form or another. It has not proved possible for any party governing in Dublin to maintain an all-Ireland framework of organisation.
Essentialy, ruling elites need to spin different political messages to northern and southern workers in order to maintain capitalist stability while maintaining apparent democratic norms and without using naked force.
The Labour Party founded in Clonmel in 1912 was an all-Ireland organisation. While it retained remnants in the north for many years, it became essentially a Free State party shortly after the Treaty. A Northern Ireland Labour Party was set up in the forties. The last remnant of the Irish Labour Party, the Newry Branch of the Irish Labour Party, was killed off by its extreme partitionist policy advocated by Conor Cruise O’Brien in the seventies.

Fianna Fáil became exclusively a Free State party and Clann Na Poblachta was set up as Free State party.

When a 32-county political party wishes to capitulate to capitalism and its interests in Ireland, it ultimately abandons its all-Ireland form of organisation. This doesn’t necessarily happen in “one big bang” and outward forms without content can survive for many years (as was the case with the Irish Labour Party). What would be the first signs of dilution of 32-county forms o organisation?

These are impossible to predict exactly or in chronological order. However, they might well include: production and distribution of separate editions of the party publications. Communist Partu o Ireland has seperate publication-Unity and Socialist Voice. Socialis Party has seperate websites. Its ront AAA does not exist in North, it hasLabour Alternative instead.

Other steps to dilute/abolish 32 county organisational orms could be formation of separate 6-county and 26-county executives, transfer of powers from the 32-county executive to the two executives, transfer of powers from national executive to 26-county parliamentary party andstormont MLA group , exclusion of Donegal, Cavan, Monaghan from Ulster bodies, etc

It is important to recognise these developments for what they are when they arise. Very often, “practical” reasons are given for their introduction.

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  1. August 14, 2014 at 11:27 am

    Paddy just a short know re Newry Labour Party. The N.I.L.P. never really had a base in Newry. The Irish Labour Party had control of the Newry Council in late fifties and sixties but split when the chair, Tommy Markey took the salute at a British Legion commemoration. He then formed Newry Labour and the council was split 6 NL, 6 ILP and 6 Unionists.

  2. August 14, 2014 at 6:39 pm

    Thanks Gerry
    I did not intend to convey that the Newry Labour Party was a part of NILP
    I have ammended the text to make that clear. I was not aware of the earlier split between the Newry Labour Party and the Irish Labour Party. However I think I am correct in attributing the collapse of the remaining ILP branch to the dominance of Conor cruise O Brien’s two nations theory of Labour Party policy during the 1973-77 coalition government in Dublin.

    I believe that all northern nationalists/republicans should be alerted to the dangers to their interests contained in the possible entry of Sinn Féin into coalition government with FF/FG in Dublin

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