The call by Phil Prendergast MEP for Labour leader Eamonn Gilmore’s resignation in the middle of an election campaign highlights the depth of the political crisis which exists in Ireland.(Phil Prendergast is a defector from WUA- mea culpa, I directed the bye-election campaign which launched her career). Voters are deserting traditional parties in droves.The national poll published in the Independent to-day(April 28,2014) also reinforces the nature of the situation.

People do not spontaneously move towards a theory or analysis or an “ism”. Typically, they discard political instruments which they have learned to be useless for them or are oppressing them. They then attempt to use any instrument which they think might relieve their plight in the near future. Their choice is informed by a whole range of factors from the fact that a particular party has never been tried before and not worked to the fact that the political party with which they agree most is not a credible vehicle to immediately relieve their plight and there may be many other factors.
It is the task of the those on the left left who seek a transition to socialism  to organise the oppressed politically in a credible way and on a principled basis.In Ireland, people are now faced with the situation where the social democracy is oppressing them, the “communists” are virtually non existent and the “trotskyists” are obsessed with competing with each other. Indeed, the left is not fit for purpose. The prerequisite for remedying this situation is TO ADMIT THAT THE PROBLEM EXISTS.
This is not an academic matter. The disaster on the British left, populated by the same actors as in Ireland, has given rise to the situation in which the semi-fascist UKIP are heading the polls this morning!!! It is no accident that the Lucinda Creightons and the Michael McDowells are now pushing themselves forward.
All history shows that if the left fails to show a way forward, the road is opened to fascism as political crisis continues.
The drift to the right of the European social democratic parties(eg British Labour, German SPD, the   continued competition among Trotskyists in Europe and the reorganisation of the former communists (eg French CP) into a fast-disappearing social democratic dead end is fraught with danger for the working class. There is an urgent need to recognise that there is a serious problem on the left so that we can set about remedying it. Those denying that there is a problem are plying with fire.
History also shows that tahe strength of the working class gives the left significant time to show a way forward. Hitler eventually came to power after the social democrats and the communists had failed dismally to show a decisive way forward several times and over several years. Let us begin now.
We had Blueshirts in the 30′s, we may see them again unless we act now!!

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