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Fight New Pay and Pension Cuts-Vote Paddy Healy NOW!

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VOTE Paddy Healy, Former President, Teachers’ Union of Ireland (TUI), Seanad Candidate, NUI Panel. Blog
Endorsed by Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation (I. N. M.O)
Fight New Pay and Pension Cuts. Why not a Tax Levy on the Super-Rich?

Marie O’Halloran, Irish Times, Sat April 16
Mr Noonan said the Government did not want to make pay cuts, but “we have to make savings in the payroll bill of the public service”.
He said the previous government put it in as a condition in the memorandum of understanding with the IMF and EU that there would be “further pay cuts in public service pay unless the savings run through from the other initiatives already taken”, because these were part of the conditions “on which we draw down funding”.
Mr Howlin said this was already in the Croke Park agreement and “the implementation team and the unions understand that”. (From Paddy Healy-This is a reference to the “escape clause” for government in Croke Park Deal. The Government can withdraw the commitment to avoid further pay cuts or compulsory redundancies within the terms of the Agreement. Government is therefore expected to hold that new pay cuts are not a breach of the agreement and that changes to conditions of service already implemented have become contractual and cannot be withdrawn by public servants)
New Pension Cuts
From Original EU/IMF Memorandum of Understanding (from PH-the measures below are expected to be more severe than planned as economic growth projections have recently been halved)
Actions for the fourth review (actions to be completed by end Q4-2011)
– The budget will provide for a reduction of expenditure in 2012 of €2,100m including:
– Social expenditure reductions.
– Reduction of public service numbers. and public service pension adjustments.
– Other programme expenditure, and reductions in capital expenditure.
The Authorities will introduce measures to ensure that the deficit reduction targets as set out
in the National Recovery Plan are achieved.
The Super Rich-These have the money that was recklessly borrowed abroad by Irish Banks. Why not recover this money from them through a tax levy?
According to “the Wealth of the Nation Report”(Bank of Ireland) 2008
In 2007
 5% had 40% of all wealth
 That’s 320b or an average of 4.2b per household
 There were 33,000 millionaires
UNITE the Union (Economist Michael Taft) has estimated that the assets of the Super-Rich 5% are probably now worth about 250billion(down from 320) and has called for a levy on them.
ICTU say in their 10 Point Plan For A Better Fairer Way
“We know that the top 1 per cent of the population made about €75 billion during the boom era. Specifically, it can be computed from revenue data that a minimum of €66 billion was made by individuals between 2002 and 2008 – almost €10 billion a year. The top 1 per cent in 2007 held 20 per cent of the wealth, the top 2 per cent held 30 per cent and the top 5 per cent held 40 per
cent. How can this money have disappeared because for every developer who paid over the odds for land there had to be an owner who received the money? “

Paddy Healy, Former President, TUI, 086-4183732

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