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Sovereignty conceded as Super-Rich Escape under EU/IMF Memorandum of Agreement

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Sovereignty conceded as Irish Super-Rich Escape under EU/IMF Memorandum of Agreement
This memorandum of understanding shows that EU/IMF is not just specifying overall parameters of economic and fiscal policy of this state but is specifying detailed measures.
Attacks on the poor and middle income recipients and occupational pensions are individually specified. There is no imposition on the assets or huge incomes of the very rich.
Public sector pay will be cut again if sufficient cuts are not in place within 9 months.
Weekly progress reports must be sent by government to EU/IMF in addition to quarterly reviews of the exchequer balance.
Failure to comply will result in a withdrawal of credit.
This state is now being ruled in economic matters by international investors through EU/IMF with the collaboration of the Irish Government and the Central Bank.
The letter of intent from Ireland is signed by Central Bank Governor Honahan in addition to Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan.
Professor Katleen Lynch quoted a Central Statistics Office (CSO) report on To-night with Vincent Browne recently which shows that super-rich Irish entities have 1.25 trillion (1,250 Billion) Euro deposited abroad.
Unite The Union (Economic Advisor Michael Taft) estimate that the top 6% of Irish super-rich now hold 250 billion in personal assets and the smaller group of 33,000 millionaires (Wealth of Nation Report 2006) still have 120 billion Euro according to CIT economist Tom O’Connor.
(Launch of UNITE Alternative Budget, to-day Thursday 11am, Buswells Hotel)

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NB NPSA Meeting on Pension Cuts will now take place in Teachers Club on Monday DEC 6, at 8pm

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