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HSE admits €50m extra cuts will severely hit care in the west, Irish Indepndent, Wed Sept 29th

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But HSE management and medical consultants acknowledged yesterday that the drastic cost-savings would inevitably impact on patient care.

In Galway yesterday, the regional director of operations for HSE West, John Hennessy, told members of the Regional Health Forum that no hospital in the area from Limerick to Donegal — it has a population of one million — would be exempt from the pruning.

“It would be incorrect of me to say it wouldn’t impact in some way on services . . . you can’t take this level of funding out of the health service without impacting on certain frontline services,” Mr Hennessy said.(more)

OECD report endorses teachers’ work

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The Teachers’ Union of Ireland today criticised the failure of government to invest meaningfully in education during the boom years after an OECD survey showed the country languishing in the relegation zone in a league table of investment in education.

The report also highlights that Irish teachers work considerably more hours than their European counterparts while the ratio of students to teachers is also higher than the European average. more.

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Education spending levels criticised (via Ninth Level Ireland)

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Education spending levels criticised "Teacher unions and opposition parties have today criticised the Government after a new OECD survey found that Ireland continues to rank close to bottom in terms of spending on education …" (more) [Charlie Taylor, Irish Times, 7 September] … Read More

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Managerialism in Irish Universities (via Ninth Level Ireland)

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Managerialism in Irish Universities "Abstract: 'Managerialism' is a term often used in relation to modern universities, sometimes as a neutral description of certain organisational techniques, sometimes as a pejorative expression. This article has three goals. Firstly, I suggest a reasonably precise definition of managerialism in this context. Secondly, against this definition I search for 'managerialism' in modern Irish university law …" (more) [Steve Hedley, Irish Journal of Le … Read More

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Ireland bottom of schoolbooks league (via Ninth Level Ireland)

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Exploring the myth of Free education

Ireland bottom of schoolbooks league "Ireland is among a small number of EU countries where the Government does not contribute some or all the costs of children’s schoolbooks …" (more) [Niall Murray, Irish Examiner, 4 September] … Read More

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