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College heads hold talks on creation of ‘super IT’ (via Ninth Level Ireland)

The Hunt Report starts to raise its head

College heads hold talks on creation of 'super IT' "Secret talks have begun between four colleges which could lead to a combined 'super institute of technology' for the greater Dublin area. The Irish Independent has learned that the four presidents and chairs of the governing bodies of the respective colleges met recently, and more meetings are expected …" (more) [John Walshe, Independent, 17 June] … Read More

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Strike threat lifted after Croke Park deal ratified (via Ninth Level Ireland)

The only sure event on the horizon is the publication of the Hunt report.

Strike threat lifted after Croke Park deal ratified "… The Teachers Union of Ireland and Irish Federation of University Teachers, who voted against the deal, have not accepted the decision. But neither has threatened immediate industrial action and they are not expected to withdraw from the committee. They are unlikely to take action unless the Government unveils plans for a revamp of teaching contracts …" (more) [Anne-Marie Walsh, Independent, 16 June] … Read More

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SIPTU President nominated Business Person of the Month by Business and Finance Magazine (via Kerry Public Service Workers’ Alliance)

Enough said!

SIPTU President nominated Business Person of the Month by Business and Finance Magazine Congratulations to Jack O'Connor, general president of Siptu, on his nomination as Business Person of the Month by the latest issue of the Irish monthly Business and Finance Magazine. Lauded for his cave-in on the Croke Park proposals and seeking to block industrial action, Mr O'Connor is highly recommended by the Magazine for "realising the damage that further disruption could cause to Ireland's reputation abroad." Jack is in very good company, … Read More

via Kerry Public Service Workers' Alliance

TUI Success in Resisting 3rd level Outsourcing in WIT: As reported in “The Phoenix”

TUI was able to reverse this development in WIT.
TUI at WIT and at DIT successfully resisted outsourcing of musical instrument teaching some years ago
The key point is that TUI would not be able to resist such initiatives under Croke Park Deal.

Outsourcing from Phoenix

Shortly afterwards, the TUI put its foot down. Angered already at the failure, as promised, to consult on new cost-cutting or other measures and outraged at Martin’s dual role, they refused to co-operate with WEA and demanded that the English language courses be brought back into WIT. There was even a threat to picket the WEA by TUI members. The college authorities quickly folded and after this academic year has been completed, all Saudi English language students will be taught at WIT by college staff.

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Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU): Israel’s Assault on Aid Convoy akin to actions of a ‘Rogue State’ May 31, 2010

Congress President Jack O’Connor and General Secretary David Begg have jointly condemned the Israeli assault on the Gaza aid convoy, during which at least 10 civilians were killed.

The joint statement said: “This was a callous attack on innocent civilians which showed an utter disregard for all precepts of international law and human rights.
“The people on those boats were civilians engaged in peaceful humanitarian work, bringing much needed aid to the Gaza Strip and were no threat to anyone.
“To launch a military assault on a humanitarian convoy is beyond the bounds of all that is acceptable and should be judged as such by the international community. The assault was akin to the actions of a rogue state.
“On behalf of the Irish Trade Union movement we would like to extend our sympathies to those killed and injured in this attack and we are thankful that the Irish contingent appears to be safe and well.
“We lend our support to calls for an immediate suspension of the EU’s trade agreement with Israel and we also believe that the recent decision to accept Israel into full membership of the OECD should be reversed with immediate effect.”

“HSE & IMPACT told to return to LRC on Framework Agreement”, Industrial Relations News


“The Labour Court issued a “supplemental” recommendation this week to the HSE and IMPACT, over the status of the 2004 Framework Agreement in the health service if the Croke Park deal is ratified.

The supplemental recommendation asserts that following ratification of the Croke Park deal, the parties should re-engage at the LRC in order to revise the Framework Agreement.

Until this is completed, the provisions of the Framework Agreement will not “limit the application or effectiveness” of the Croke Park deal and the provisions of Croke Park “will take precedence” in the event of any “conflict or inconsistency”.”

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IMPACT Bad News Not Issued For a Week While Ballot Proceeded

On the 24th of May The Labour Court issued a supplemental recommendation (For Complete Labour Court Adjudication on Frame Work Agreement Click Here) in relation to the Framework Agreement under which staff were transferred from the employment of Health Boards to the HSE

Members of IMPACT were not informed by IMPACT Head Office until May 31

Huge numbers of IMPACT voted without this vital information

The supplemental recommendation by the Labour court has effectively abolished all the main protections for Staff in the Framework Agreement

The second supplemental recommendation of the Labour Court says referring to the Framework Agreement:

Clearly, any implication that the content of the Framework Agreement was “timeless” and would remain unchanged if the Croke Park Agreement were accepted was completely misleading.

There is an unanswerable case for the halting of the current IMPACT ballot and the holding of a new ballot in the context of the second or supplemental Labour Court recommendation.

The Section of the New Impact Vote No Leaflet (posted on this blog) dealing with HSE staff has been proved to be completely correct

It is, of course, true that The Croke Park Deal will over-ride contracts in the Local Authority Service, in the core Civil Service and elsewhere in the public service.

The Labour Court supplemental recommendation in relation to the HSE makes this explicit and definite.

It is regrettable that all IMPACT members were not in possession of this information when voting.

University heads told courses and jobs at risk in funding cut, Irish Times, Wed 2 June 2010

“UNIVERSITY PRESIDENTS are being told to brace themselves for unprecedented cuts which could force them to cut staff and cancel courses.

In a confidential letter to the seven presidents, the chief executive of the Higher Education Authority (HEA), Tom Boland, says he is alerting all colleges now to take “whatever action is needed” to prepare for the next academic year.

Mr Boland advises colleges to budget on the basis that there may be further staff reductions in 2011. He also says the colleges can expect “further reductions in core allocations” and no increase in student charges.

It is clear, he writes, that “overall recurrent funding will be reduced and this is likely to require reductions in pay and non-pay across the sector.””(more)

IFUT’s “utter astonishment” at threat of more funding cuts to universities.

Redundancies not an Option
2 June 2010
The Irish Federation of University Teachers has reacted with utter astonishment to the prospect of more funding cuts to universities as reported in The Irish Times today, 2 June 2010.
“I note that in a panic reaction to the prospect of more cuts, some university sources are allegedly considering redundancies for academic staff”, said Mike Jennings, General Secretary of IFUT. “I wish to state categorically that under no circumstances will IFUT agree to any compulsory job losses in the university sector”, said Mr Jennings.
“At a time of unprecendented demand for higher education and at a time when we have record numbers of students in our universities, it beggars belief that the Department of Education could even be considering more cuts.”
IFUT calls on the Minister for Education, Ms Mary Coughlan TD, to issue an immediate statement denying these reports.
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For further information on this media release, please contact:
Mike Jennings,
General Secretary,
Irish Federation of University Teachers,
11 Merrion Square,
Dublin 2.
Tel: (01) 661 0910
(087) 677 6747