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TCD: research cuts will cost 1,000 jobs (via Ninth Level Ireland)

TCD: research cuts will cost 1,000 jobs "Trinity College Dublin (TCD) is predicting that its new funding for research will collapse in the next five years, cutting spending on research by three quarters and leading to the loss of almost 1,000 research positions. A confidential document being prepared by the college also predicts that the combined fall in research staff and students could affect the college’s standing in international rankings …" (more) [Martha Kearns, Sunday Business … Read More

via Ninth Level Ireland

Red C Poll 27 June: How Do Figures Translate Into Seats? (via

Adrian Kavanagh (28 June 2010) The latest Red C poll points to a remarkably consistent trend in terms of support for the three largest parties – again underlining the significant "Gilmore Gale" increase in support for Labour but also highlighting the strenght of Fine Gael support. But how would these figures translate into seats should these results be replicated in a general election? This analysis suggests that the link between party support an … Read More