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IMPACT Bad News Not Issued For a Week While Ballot Proceeded

On the 24th of May The Labour Court issued a supplemental recommendation (For Complete Labour Court Adjudication on Frame Work Agreement Click Here) in relation to the Framework Agreement under which staff were transferred from the employment of Health Boards to the HSE

Members of IMPACT were not informed by IMPACT Head Office until May 31

Huge numbers of IMPACT voted without this vital information

The supplemental recommendation by the Labour court has effectively abolished all the main protections for Staff in the Framework Agreement

The second supplemental recommendation of the Labour Court says referring to the Framework Agreement:

Clearly, any implication that the content of the Framework Agreement was “timeless” and would remain unchanged if the Croke Park Agreement were accepted was completely misleading.

There is an unanswerable case for the halting of the current IMPACT ballot and the holding of a new ballot in the context of the second or supplemental Labour Court recommendation.

The Section of the New Impact Vote No Leaflet (posted on this blog) dealing with HSE staff has been proved to be completely correct

It is, of course, true that The Croke Park Deal will over-ride contracts in the Local Authority Service, in the core Civil Service and elsewhere in the public service.

The Labour Court supplemental recommendation in relation to the HSE makes this explicit and definite.

It is regrettable that all IMPACT members were not in possession of this information when voting.

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