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Clarifications in the Education Sector- Worse than the original?

Department of ED has stated that there will be no clarification of the proposals in the University and Institute of Technology sector. No further clarification will be issued in respect of first and second level proposals.

1. In respect of teaching at first and second level

The document does not say that teachers’ vacation periods will not be reduced. The 167/183 days are for the “delivery of tuition”. Indeed the document ensures that there will be further intrusion on teacher breaks by insisting that “functions integral to the functioning of the school”, which are not limited to the two examples given, must take place outside of school time.

Will the “full availability of the required class contact hours” preclude the continuation of current arrangements under which days leave in lieu of days of attendance at relevant summer courses are provided in primary sector?


In addition to the “primary focus” there may be many secondary foci. There is nothing in the clarification to preclude the Department seeking to increase weekly or annual time-tabled hours or the introduction of other changes such as 9 to 5 attendance on school premises. An increase of over 25% in time-tabled teaching hours has already been sought in the Institute of Technology sector.

Under the General Agreement disagreements at negotiations must go to “final”(ie binding) arbitration.

The clarification in the General Document on Pensions is derisory. As there will be no pay rises during the agreement, the question of applying the serving peer principle does not arise!!!. Indeed if the cost of living rises (eg through mortgage increases) occur during the agreement, public service pensioners will not even get cost of living indexation!

Another clarification says that if the government uses the escape clause the deal is terminated. But by the time the first review takes place in 2011, the dates for the introduction of new contracts etc will have well passed. The changes will be irreversible but the government may renege on the “deal”.

The clarification is at least as bad as the proposals!!!
Click here for the Full Document: Education Sector Clarification

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