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Right to Work Campaign Protest, Tues 11th May

Enough is Enough!




March to the Dail

We Want Jobs and Public Services
Tuesday 11th May, Assemble 7.30 Garden of Remembrance, Parnell Square Dublin

• Fintan O’Toole (Journalist)
• John Kidd (SIPTU Firefighters)
• Janette Byrne (Patients Together)
• Walter Cullen (Unite trade union)
• John Bisset (Canal Communities Project)
• Professor Kathleen Lynch (UCD)
• Siobhan O ’Donoghue (Community Workers Co-op)
Organised by: Right to Work Campaign tel: 087-2604143 Email: righttowork@live.com
Sponsored by Unite trade union

• €33 billion of OUR money has already been put into the banks.
• This government is destroying our public services to pay for the bill.
• Instead of pouring vast sums into these banks, we should take them into public control and make the wealthy pay for their economic crimes.
• We need to change economic policy to help the half a million people who are unemployed.
• We should set up a public works programme to provide jobs and build up our public services.
• We should resist wage cuts. Wage cuts mean less spending in our economy – and more jobs losses.


Don’t just sit at home and get angry. People power is the only way to bring real change. So come out on the streets and make your voice heard. This government needs to receive one big message:



The Right to Work Campaign brings together trade unionists, community activists and the unemployed to say: BAIL OUT JOBS AND SERVICES, NOT BANKS
We won’t let this government divide us between public sector and private sector workers, migrant and non-migrant. We want solidarity – not divide and rule tactics.
After the March to the Dail, we invite you to the Right to Work National Conference
Saturday May 22nd in the UNITE Hall 55-56 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin 1, starting at 12pm.
This is a conference of Resistance and Solidarity
and we want to hear your suggestions for how to step up our campaign.
If you want to know more about our conference or get involved with the Right to Work Campaign
• Text JOIN to 087 2604143
• E Mail: Righttowork@live.com
• Write to: Right to Work Campaign, 42 Woodavens, Clondalkin, Dublin 22

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