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Kerry PWSA “It’s Your Choice”

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Kerry PSWA “Its your choice” PDF Leaflet
The Public Service Proposals:
Now It’s Your Choice

The Key Government Proposals:

  • No commitment to any reversal of the pay cuts.
  • Further cuts by way of wholesale worsening of public servants’ conditions.
  • Pension levy and the employment moratorium to become permanent.
  • Closure, downgrading and privatisation of public services.

Are the Government Proposals Fair?

  1. Your Trade Union

    • Acceptance that government can tear up any agreement as and when it chooses.
    • Lose all right to take industrial action.
    • Continual trade union sell out.
    • Sign up to poorer public services.
    • Accept that Ireland should spend proportionately less on
      public services than other European countries.

  2. Your Pay & Pension

    • Imposition of a five year pay freeze, even if the economy recovers.
    • No reversal of pay cuts.
    • Continuation of the pension levy.
    • Cuts to the pensions of retired public servants.
    • A much smaller pension for all future public servants.

  3. Your Work

    • A vast reduction in the number of public
      servants and many closures.
    • Downgrading and centralisation.
    • More work with less staff.
    • Forced transfer to any job in any place.
    • All employment contracts to be completely changed for all necessary “efficiencies”.

It’s Your Union and Your Choice

Accept dwindling income and more stressful conditions and see the destruction of public services.

  1. Reject sell out deals with a failed government that is hell bent on propping up casino banks.
  2. Unite public servants together in a real campaign of industrial action and political protest.
  3. Change the tax system so that the burden is shared equitably.
  4. Demand the reform of our unions and appoint leaders prepared to fight for members.

    Sean Fitzpatrick:
    Government writes €68 million off his personal loans and
    finds €22,000,000,000 for Anglo Irish Bank.

    Issued by the Kerry Public Service Workers’ Alliance
    E Mail:

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